Main Features

Create your own financial ecosystem for businesses to make international payments and foreign exchange transactions.

Using our software, you can allow your affiliates to: apply for accounts, create sub-accounts, access funding instructions for their accounts, manage beneficiaries, make payments, foreign exchange transactions, query their account statements, close accounts, and apply for debit cards. This creates a financial ecosystem where your affiliates can operate.

Liquidity Pools

Maintain intermediary or underlying banks’ balances & funding instructions
Manage in- and outgoing routes for funds
Activate/deactivate funding instructions by customer
Import statements from intermediary or underlying banks with automatic allocation to customer/user accounts

Transfer Management

  Approval process of customers’ transaction requests
  Verification of and due diligence on beneficiaries
  Support of entire approval and processing including built-in compliance
  Export of payment orders for intermediary or underlying banks’ banks
  Automatic relay of payment orders to other systems with the same software

Email Server Configuration

✓ Possibility to use own external SMTP server for outgoing emails
✓ Built-in email server
✓ Configurable back-office email address


 SSL security.
 Hashed passwords, secure email-validated password reset.
 Double Factor Authentication.

Your back office staff can review and approve account applications, maintain customer and account information, provide funding instructions, process information from  intermediary or underlying banks, review and approve transfers, payments and foreign exchange transactions, export payment requests to be processed by intermediary or underlying banks, maintain exchange rates, set tariff plans, query customer account statements, activate and close accounts, analyze transactions and do your basic accounting.

Tariff Plans

Fee differentiation by customer type
Customer-specific exchange rate spreads
Conditional custom Fees

Currencies, Fees, Limits

Functionality to maintain foreign exchange rates, spreads and volatility margins
 Ability to use external feeds for exchange rates
Functionality to maintain fees by currency and transaction type
Ability to set differentiated transaction fees by amount

Advanced Bank Transfer Management

Bulk upload of transfers
Foreign exchange transfers in buying or selling currency
Provision of guaranteed quotes to customers for foreign exchange rates 24/7


Analysis Tool

Searches on transaction history
Analyses of fees, refunds and revenues
Searches on customer accounts, beneficiaries, bank accounts

Unlike other treasury management systems provided by, or used by banks, the ETT banking software integrates foreign exchange processing directly into the transaction processing system and assumes that all customers will send and receive multiple currencies and will hold foreign exchange positions. Similarly the software assumes that there will be multiple banks providing facilities to the platform, and that the back-office manager will choose the most efficient bank by currency or time zone, for, example. This requires the back office manager to be able to reconcile all these positions, on demand, by bank and by currency. The unique reconciliation function of our financial software can enable instantaneous profitability calculations and integrity checks at the push of a button and at electronic speeds. These specific attributes mean that the system is extremely efficient, easy to implement and easy to manage.

Debit cards management

Application process for debit card programs
Sweeping debit card loads into funding accounts
Aggregation of card loads
Ability to set differentiated transaction fees by amount

Investment Accounts

Provision a front-end for fixed deposit accounts
Module for investment product definition (fixed period, interest rate)
Ability to set differentiated transaction fees by amount


Customer Account Management Tool

Strict account approval process
Built-in due diligence on customer documentation
Secure signatory account validation, customer-initiated password reset process
Immediate suspension of accounts
Flexible email templates for customer notifications

Benefits of working with us

Constant evolution to adapt to our customer’s and market’s needs.
Dedicated support for each of our clients. You reach out to us for all the help you need.
Our motto is: “Look after your customers before someone else does”