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      Storage & Safeguarding for Crypto Wallet Keys

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      ETT is excited to announce their new partnership with XAP Services who have taken crypto asset security to a whole other level!

      The saying goes “lose your keys, lose your crypto”, but that is now a thing of the past.

      XAP Services is able to keep one of your keys to your assets in deep, cold storage. This means that if your keys is lost, we can provide a means of access to your assets.

      The founders of XAP Services are two London-based solicitors who have spent decades safekeeping client information. During the Covid pandemic, this experience was used as the basis to build a business action as the trusted advisor to both individuals and large institutions and hold their keys in the event of loss. For institutions this meant trading and settlement while for individuals it included assets which formed part of personal wealth and estates. XAP Services was set-up to continue that work.

      If you or your customers have crypto and want to put in place a back-up procedure to act against the loss of your assets, we can help. To set up a discovery call just email info@xapervices.com

      safeguarding accounts & Solutions

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      Over the years ETT has developed a strong partnership with Authoripay and we are proud to recommend their Safeguarding accounts and solutions to our customers. Having run various regulated entities in the UK and beyond,  AuthoriPay’s team are acutely aware of the difficulty and expense of obtaining Safeguarding accounts and how frequently banks de-risk existing customers.

      Safeguarding funds In GBP is particularly challenging and costly.

      One of the safeguarding methods prescribed under PSD2 is to place your safeguarding account not with a bank,  but with an Authorised Custodian. AuthoriPay now work directly with two of the world’s largest authorised custodians to provide compliant safeguarding accounts to both UK and EEA clients. Accounts can be opened in a matter of weeks and the accounts earn interest in line with Central Bank rates.

      business continuity

      At ETT we value our clients and work hard to deliver software solutions which meet their key business requirements, build strong relationships based on trust and provide a personalised service. That’s why we are working with global software resilience provider NCC Group, to offer business continuity protection through a Source Code and Cloud Services Escrow Agreement. This ensures the long-term performance and availability of ETT software, with the backing of a global expert in business continuity assurance.

      If requested by our clients, we will enter into a legal agreement with NCC Group to secure the latest copy of the source code along with the necessary access tools for any cloud service. NCC Group will hold onto this for the period of the agreement and will receive updates at regular intervals to ensure the current working version and up to date credentials are available. In the unlikely event that ETT can’t meet our contractual obligations with you, you can apply to release the code under pre-agreed terms. This allows our clients to maintain continuity of service if the pre-agreed conditions are not met. For more information, please get in touch with us.

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