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ETT enables the next generation of Financial Institutions and Treasury Managers
to build cross-border payment platforms with FX functionality and Digital Asset Management,
while maintaining complete control of the user experience and
retaining freedom of choice from banks and other liquidity providers.

Who do we serve:

  • Electronic money institutions (EMI)
  • Payment service providers (PSP & MSB)
  • Small banks and other deposit-taking institutions
  • Money transfer organizations (MTO)
  • Remittance service providers
  • International trading groups
  • Wallet Providers
  • Distributed Ledger Technology providers (DLT)
  • Crypto Asset Exchanges
  • FX Dealers

Use Cases

 Digital Assets – Volatility Mitigation

A PSP currently serving merchants has started to accept “crypto” currencies and wants to be independent from third parties, increase profitability, and broaden the scope of its business.

Using the ETT Digital Asset Management System the company can maintain custody of the amount of major cryptocurrencies it needs for day-to day-trading without recourse to a third party. Using the ETT Reconciliation function it can mitigate volatility risk by predefined levels, cutting out unnecessary fees and minimising the risk of third-party delay or default.

Moreover, their customers can mitigate their risk immediately by making virtual transactions that occur at electronic speed.

Transition to EMI status

A PSP wishing to become an EMI needs to be able to manage sub-brands and offer white-label solutions to its clients together with dynamic IBANs for which it currently only has one provider.

In order to justify the increased capital requirements, it must be able to show to its shareholders that it does not just depend on a single liquidity provider given all the risks that that implies. ETT’s software allows them to use multiple liquidity providers, and currencies and these services can be offered to their sub-brands.

Moreover, being able to choose sources of foreign exchange enables them to become market makers in foreign exchange.

From FX to Global PSP

A foreign exchange service wishes to move into international payments as an additional revenue stream and add cryptocurrencies directly to its list of currency pairs.

The ETT platform with its Digital Asset Management System enables them to provide virtual transactions at electronic speed, maintain temporary custody of currencies including major crypto and stablecoins, and provide payment services to their clients.

Moreover, the reconciliation gives them immediate knowledge of their positions across all liquidity pools and currencies.

More revenue, more independence more flexibility, wider market!