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Fiat and/or Crypto

Start-up a Crypto Exchange
Become an FX Dealer

Integrate with multiple Banks, Card issuers & Crypto Exchanges

With BUILT-IN KYC, AML Screening and KYT

Generate Virtual or Dynamic IBAN’s & Blockchain addresses


Process Crypto to Fiat Fiat to Crypto Fiat to Fiat Crypto to Crypto transactions

manage third party funds anytime, anywhere

  • View a consolidated image of accounts receivable, equity, and revenue
  • Approve payments received and FX
  • Monitor account activity, access transaction history, etc..
  • Process payments using the API


  • SSL certification included
  • Monitor user activity
  • Double layer security with google authenticator.

web software

  • Quickly and easily execute transfers for your customers
  • Visualize, print, and download account statements
  • Access detailed information
  • Connect with a payment provider via API

debit card management program

  • Total control over the demand for new cards for each card program
  • Associated accounts to fund cards at any time from our card program manager module
  • Transfers to card accounts
  • Ability to manage margins for different card programs based on different conditions (amount, balance, etc.)..

efficiency improvement

  • Request analysis of your financial situation including income and net assets to date
  • Reconciliation to your cash request by currency, bank or liquidity pool
  • Search for transactions by client, currency, amount, transaction id, date, type of transfer.

advantages for your customers

  • Improved use of IT resources and business processes
  • Improved supplier/customer relations
  • Timely delivery of products and services
  • Reduced data entry errors and customer services

Small enough to be innovative and flexible.
Large enough to be knowledgeable and reliable.


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